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Experience the power of the sun with the igro!

The only solar powered home-grow system that does not require external power or water supply; allowing you to easily grow your own produce with minimal effort.

Reap the $avings & health rewards of over 100lb of fresh, organic produce all year round...

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...not forgetting with the positive impact you will have on the planet. 

Easy Innovation

- No wires

- No pipes

- No Assembly tools

- Assembled in minutes

Build. Plant. Grow

Designed for Life

Tough. Strong. Durable. Fully UV resistant, with volume capable of holding in-excess of 16-gallons of water.  

Tank - full.png
Solar - full.png

Renewably Powered

The igro's automated irrigation program is 100% powered by renewable energy. 

Recycled Irrigation

Along with having the ability to harvest rainwater, the igro recycles all excess water for re-use, and can go for weeks without the need for a top up.

Note: Purchase the auto top-up add on, and you'll never need to manually fill it again.

Water - full.png

Easy Assembly

igro takes just a few minutes to assemble & can be situated in multiple locations - on the floor, a raised platform or on pavers (as shown here), as just a few examples. 

Grow What You Want

igro allows you to grow multiple different types of fruit &/or vegetables, including large, small, climbing and root varieties. 


Suitable for many different types of application, including pest covers, greenhouses, and even indoors...

It's Cold Outside

...well then just bring igro inside. Add in a suitable grow light and here we grow again! 

Not enough time in a day? 

For a small additional cost, you add in the Autofill Filtration System, and you will never have to fill the igro again!

The Autofill is a 25ft length of 3/8 flexible pipe (which can easily be cut to size) which comes with the required faucet connectors. Along with a chlorine/fluoride filtration unit (to filter out chemicals your plants do not want). Simply connect to your faucet and the side of the recycling tank. Turn the faucet on, and then at all times when water is low it will automatically top up the tank…but just enough, still leaving plenty of room for fresh free rainwater collection!

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