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100% Renewable & Recycled Fluid. 

Once you know how to manipulate energy,
the opportunities are endless.

Oveview Video

Simple Overview

As the condenser fan engages, it pulls ambient air through the external vents and over the condenser coils of the unit.

This air is utilized to strip heat from the refrigerant running through the condenser coils.

The same air is now dispersed back into the ambient air, now at a higher temperature. 

The Mizzler's temperature sensor is activated, allowing the system's water assisted cooling process to commence.

Now engaged, the system starts to  ‘Mizzle’ the collected precipitation & condensate water through the condenser coil. 

The excess water left over from the mizzling process is recycled by the patented recovery process and flows back to the recycling tank.  

This added moisture on the condenser coil increases the DeltaT, improving the cooling effect of the air flowing through the coil. 

100% recovered and recycled, clean chemical free water. Delivering energy consumption savings as high as 35%+. 

Simple how it works

Example energy performance

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