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Simple. Easy. Ribbit.

Water is wealth! The more you can save the wealthier you become. 

- In most areas in the world, the hottest periods of the year involve regular heavy downpours of rain.

- Rainfall is a natural renewable energy source...that is free.

- Purchase The Mizzler to utilize this natural renewable energy and significantly reduce the energy consumed by your AC.

Just think about it...


Reinventing the wheel?
To some degree, absolutely! After all, this is a 30+ year, measured, tested, and delivered solution for both refrigeration and air conditioning. Now, we have a much greener 'wheel' - scaled and perfected as a renewable solution for use on both home & office size systems.

Commercial industry process examples:

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, water alone does not corrode metals. Only select chemicals and minerals in certain water types can harm the condenser.

Condensate & rainwater combined are the purest forms of water available for the job at hand, not to mention a free and renewable energy source, eliminating the need for expensive and high maintenance filtration. 

Renewable rainwater energy 
Every single minute throughout each day, over 1 billion tons of rainwater falls to the earth. 

Water vapor forms clouds. The vapori- zation process provided by the sun mostly eliminates salts and other dissolved solids. Naturally, the rain will absorb some impurities in the air as it falls, so in turn, cleaner air produces cleaner rainfall, so as long as the rain is collected before it hits the ground, it is the closest thing to the earth’s purest water. 

Remember that these same airborne impurities mentioned above are already flowing through your AC every day. So let's cleanse these while simultaneously reducing the head pressure on the compressor!  

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Condensate water is produced from an average air conditioner at a volume of between 5 to 20 gallons per day and contains little to zero harmful minerals. It is essentially distilled water, in essence as mineral pure as a freshly formed raindrop.  


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Now, just sit back and enjoy the savings.

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