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Innovation Validation.

Check back often...we will continue to add more as we grow.

T. Mendez

Fort Myers, FL. 

First thing I did was ask my AC guy his thoughts on this. He said he had no doubt that the process works, but wanted to be sure the water used was not going to damage the condenser. Once he further investigated, we were good to go. The AC on the house we bought was not great when the humidity was high, but now it cools the house much better.  

P. Abbot

Orlando, FL. 

As an air conditioning contractor myself, I'm aware that this method has been used in commercial applications for decades, so of course I knew it worked. The test for me was the quality of the kit. In short, it passed with flying colors. Looks great, runs great, and does what it says it will do. So far, I have installed 12 systems for my customers, with more to come. 

IMG_8731_New blue Turbine_Revised_edited

M. Lang

Cape Coral, FL. 

What a great product. I aways thought that there must be a way to use the waste condensate water to cool the air conditioner. Now I have a reduced electricity bill each month, with the added bonus of having no sludgy mess down the side of the house. 

C. Costa

Alva, FL. 

I bought this for my mom, as the AC on her house is not great when the humidity is high, but now it cools the house way better. A little early to see how much difference her monthly bills are, but if they are lower, that would just be a bonus as the better cooling was the priority in our case. 

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