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Rest assured; we want this to be right for you!
Otherwise, it won't be right for us. 

This whole page is dedicated solely to ensuring that The Mizzler fits for your application/s.


Is your proposed application in a region that has medium to high rainfall &/or humidity?

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Is your system located under a cover/shelter that would totally prevent rain from falling onto/into the condenser? 

Are the condenser coil fins on your air conditioner in good condition? 

Well now we're just ribbiting! Lets check you have the space... 

The Mizzler consists of just three main connected components: 

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Recycling Tank - this component sits under the outdoor condenser unit. 

Tank large - measurements.png

Recycling tank
Vertical air discharge

Are you satisfied your application has enough space for this component? 

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Final questions
Precipitation Map

World Climate Zones

Weather rating.png

Tropical/Subtropical climates - are in most cases a good fit for the Mizzler technology, as they generally have medium to high humidity and/or rainfall, along with the high usage of air conditioning & refrigeration equipment. 

Moderate climates - some regions can have long periods of medium to high humidity, and air conditioning & refrigeration usage usually follows this trend. Additionally, many of these territories will also have medium to high rainfall, however, there are also many regions in these areas that have plenty of rainfall, but very little to no air conditioning requirement.  

Dry Climates - in most cases have a high level of air conditioning usage; however, this is generally partnered with medium to low humidity and low rainfall. 

Cold climates - has very little to zero air conditioning usage, and as such they would generally be a poor fit for the Mizzler Technology on AC, but still a good fit for refrigeration. 

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