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The ONLY product available that collectively:

-saves the consumer money

-drastically reduces energy consumption,

-operates at ZERO energy cost

-improves the lifespan and efficiency of the air conditioner.

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​Does NOT affect your AC warranty      100% renewable; no operating costs

Quick install - within 60 mins.               Saving over 35% on your cooling costs


That's money in the bank, right there.

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Sustainable Cooling

The Mizzler recycles and filters clean rain and condensate water, which would otherwise be wasted, and can also be 100% powered by the sun.


FACT: It's well known that water-cooled air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient than air-only-cooled systems.


WHY?: Water can absorb more heat than air, making it more effective at dissipating heat from the air conditioning system. This means the workload on the compressor is reduced, and this component uses most of the energy. Thus, reducing the energy bill.    


Note: The Mizzler can be wired directly from the grid supply, therefore there is no requirement for the solar panel or battery, so can be purchased at a lower RSP.  

Designed for Life

Tough. Strong. Durable. UV resistant, and capable of holding in-excess of 1000lbs in weight. Not to mention the recycling tank will easily outlast the life of your AC unit!  

Innovative Filtration

All excess renewable water is simply gravity filtered back into the antibacterial infused recycling water tank. Providing clean, coil friendly free cooling, on-time every time.

The Wonders of Water

Renewable free water and power, collectively producing energy savings that can deliver ROI's of lower than 2-years. In some cases lower than 1-year.  


No AC downtime. No high voltage electrical. No leaky roof penetrations.

Simple. Easy. Ribbit.


Utilizes chemical free & harmless renewable water. Conscientious & smart. 


Built to last. Requires very little maintenance and comes with a

5-year full parts warranty. 


Costs nothing to operate. The whole system is 100% energized by low voltage power - all provided by the sun.


Designed to work with most residential, office cooling systems, and all common refrigerants.


The water used is collected, filtered and recycled. No waste and no swampy mess.

Apologies to other frogs! 


The Mizzler can save as much energy on an average system, equivalent to owning over 2,000 watts of solar PV, but at only a fraction of the cost.

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Easy. Simple. Ribbit

An experienced installer can have the system fully operational in less than an hour. No mess, no AC downtime, & no roof penetrations. 

Change that pays for itself.
Your bank balance
will love you
Reduced energy usage
= reduced energy bills
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Your air conditioner will love you
Reduced workload 
= reduced m
The planet will love you
Renewable, recycled energy = reduced CO2 
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