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The benefits are simply ribbiting...  

Wholesale purchasing power
The ability to bulk order, allowing you to maintain ready-to-install inventory. Keep one in your trucks―for the energy conscious client...or your energy focused salesman. Your suitably priced install, combined with your preferred product pricing, creates a unique opportunity to offer a package that is both customer friendly and profitable.

Increases SEER rating by four or more points.

As a retrofit, this equates to converting say a basic 14 SEER into a high-efficiency, high performance unit. On new installations, why ask your customer to spend thousands of dollars more to upgrade SEER, when you can achieve the same for less than half the cost? Your customer wins, you win, the planet wins...your competition loses.

Quick, easy, ethical revenue
Rare is the product that not only makes simple sense to you, but also to the customer. Water-cooling is well recognized and understood. You already know it works. Add it to a new HVAC system install, or retrofit it to your customers existing systems, while still maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

The "feel good" factor
Do your part, offering an environmentally friendly, energy saving product that you can feel good about. While you are performing your normal expected services, simply provide your client with a customized Mizzler brochure. In more cases than not, your customer make the right decision, finding it difficult to ignore both the financial & environmental benefits.


Referred ongoing installations
Our online customers don’t always want to install The Mizzler themselves, so we will refer them to you! As you know, the best sales leads are always referrals.


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